goth elf One is the Loneliest Numer

Manray, The Ice Queen, Huzzah! Enter the Cute Elf Boy, Miscommunication Through Body Language, Awkward Moment, Tea! The Savior of Mankind!, Luggage, Subjunctive Weirdness, Panty Shot, The Danger of Bad Assumptions, Captive Audiences, Shirtless O'Clock, Names, Yup, Morning
naked elf Getting to Know You

Bored, Stupid Legs, The Joy of Mobility, Table for Fourteen, OMG, Oh for the Love of Newton, Baby Birds and the Like, Magical Astrophysics, Enter the Fire Eaters, Freaks, Geeks, and Other Assorted Characters, Feh. Stupid Pixies., We Can Totally Pass for Big People Children!, Tatties!, That's a Lot of people, Potato Lovin', The Sacrifice, Kaboom!, See You Later, Space Pixie, Awkward, A Hug?, Noogie!
elf with lizard An Outing

Lilly, Tree!, Life=Pain, Explodey, Smells Like Burning, The Daystar!, Warm, Saved by the Carpet, Lost, Cinema!, Finally, They Make It, Previews, Shoo
elf and frog These Porcelain Masks we Wear

Sick Frog, Poik, Ah, Yes... The Bathroom, Shiny Car, "My Territory", Ass Grab, Waiting... Waiting... Waiting..., No One Likes a Jock, Die Mother Fuckers!, The Cruxshadows Rock, Dancing, Is it not Perfection?, Grab!, Andre, Snow Day
fairy The Nameless One

The Classic Debate, A Nameless Stranger, Spying, Talk to Him?!, The Short Straw, Fangirls, Francis??, A Pox Upon the Laws of Thermodynamics!
naked elf Moving Day

A Lazy Day... Or Three, Uh Oh... Lesbians, Sunlight Allergy, Twim Looking Awesome, Silly Water Allergies, OCD, Bagpipes? 0_o, Naked O'Clock, Eww, The Spoon is Missing!, Refridgerator Door Syndrome, *Sniffle*, The Spoon!, Love, Hugs!, Shoes, Fat Ankles, Socks!, So...
elven totem pole An Illness in the Family

But They're so Tasty!, Oh Just Kill Me, Sleepy Pie, Boofie!, Fangirls 2, Why it Sucks to be Short, Boooored, Molestation, Donuts, And She Finally Gets it..., Warm Boy, Leaving???, Bad Day, "Deign, O Hellen, down from dais to quickly step and cross the floor...", That GIrl, Trying to Kill you with the Radiation from my Mind, A Vent Hacked to Blow Bubbles, Chicken Soup and Porn, Reaching the Top Shelf "I only read it for the articles", Lick, Antibiotics, Pah!
fire Serif

Just a Normal Day on the Subway..., Fun with OCD , Introducing Serif , You're not supposed to fuck your cousin. HBO?, Chaaarrrrge! , A Pleasant Stroll , Noooooo! , Chrysalis, He Had it Coming..., Welcome to Club, Mysterious Frog Woman!, For Some Definition of 'Normal'..., Where the Fuck are my Pants? An Unexpected Encounter , Munchies , Not that Kind of Story
elves kissing Snow Day

Guess What! , The Hat, Not That Much Snow... Banzai! Snow Angels , Pretty..., Snowball, War, Pixie Snowball, Broken Windows, Still a Snowball
goth elves dancing The Circle of Club

Pre-Club Munchies, Boofie Toy , Holy Webcomicry, Sylphi! , Goth In a Dress , Don't say 'boobs', Heterosexual?, Accidental Cuddle-Girls, Post-Club Munchies
elf and machine The Machine and the Stars

Boom!, Cocoa, Togetherness, The Next Day, Scheduling, Class, Flashback , A Less than Joyful Return, Poke, Tiajuana Must be Nice this time of Year, Caffeine, Cockblocked, Getting Down to Business, Den Mother, WTF, Hurray!, The Engineers' Drinking Song, Relax!, Pretty Pretty Please, Oh Good Grief, "Rest", Scientifically Dogmatically Different
elf child Newton Day

Money, Check-In, Squish, We're All Gonna Die, Twim's Mom, Corn, Home Sweet Home, Dinner, Pixie-Napped, Math, Sneaking Out, A "Moment", 'Tater Ship, Boobies, Home is Where the Heart Is, Married?
elf kissing Frankie's Birthday

Guess What?, Never ask a Lady her Age, Molestation, Picture Special, Weirdo, Frozen Sylphi, STFU, Blam!, No Sex in the Kitchen, Flake Attack, Pants?, Meeeelllltiiing!, Graphic Novel Preview, Roofdeck Party, Rain!, Fun in the Rain, Random Butt Plug
elf showering Blue Hair

Blue Hair!, At Least she's not on Fire, Lessons Learned, Later That Evening..., Haircut, Where the Fuck is my Hair?, And other Sounds of Contentment, Messing with the Normals, A Pleasant Stroll in the Public Gardens
London Eye London

Jobs Suck, Luggage Limit, Gift Art, Shiny Red Car, London Bridge is Falling Down, Puppy, Sandwich Confiscation, Graveyard Expedition, Transformation, Escape From the Temple, Pollution, Airship, Sightseeing in London, The Eye of London, Into the Bubble, Moon Pixie, Seals, Splash!, The Seal Princess, Back at the Hotel, Serif the Skeptic, Wide Awake, Public Service Announcement, Sylphi's Dream, 6 AM, With Teeth, Bonus Pixie, So Much for Sleep, Zebra Crossing, Super Action Frankie Activate! Sneaking, Jackpot!, How Not to be Seen, Om Pixie, Detectiving, Soon at Brent Cross Mall, Full-Body Cavity Search, To Nab a Pederast, Random Pedophile Search, "Unauthorized Contact with a Minor", Siren? Prison, Rape=Bad, Public Defense, Special Announcement , Law Sucks, A Sudden Realization, Ten Minutes Later, Frankie Calls in a Favor, Springing Into Action, Magical Girl Transformation Sequence Activate! Super Goth Crime Fighters! Ass Kicking, Awkward Moment, Formal Wear, A Triumphant Evening at the Pub, "Pixie Dust", All Gothed Up, Home Sweet Home
Naked Elf Sylphi's Graphic Novel

The Hosage Fairy, Copper Twim , Breakfast, Sylphi at the Beach, Serif has a Life, Frankie at the Beach, Because Toy Division is Awesome, Writing Class , Gift Art from Data Chasers, Another All-Nigher, A Blast from the Past, Porn+Class=?, Sylphi Gift Art by Hokuto: , Blood Ties, The End, The Aftermath.

Naked Elf Blood Ties: Sylphi's Graphic Novel

Graphic Novel Archives
Naked Elf Serif's New Job

So Much Trouble, So That's his Name, Burn Mother Fucker, Sylphi's Family, Dirty Dirty Rock Star, Punky McDrunky, Tentacle Monster, Gratuitous Nudity, Serif's Parents Come to Town, Character Sketch, Club Oriental, Burn Baby Burn, Todd and Penguin Giftart, Serif Sings, Fire, How Serif Rides Greg, Rescue?, The Blame Game, How Greg Rides Serif, Trouble Brewing, The Search Begins, How I Draw: Sylphi, A Late Night Tour, Cigarette, Special Penis Message, Sideways Comic Day, Lost and Found, A Message from Serif, Bedtime
Naked Elf Moving!

Apartment Hunting, Still Hunting, Truth in Advertising, Fan Art for Negative One, Family, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Tentacle Monster, Movin' on Up, A Short Shopping Trip Later, New Bed, Pixie Infestation, Kidnapping!
Naked Elf The Beach

Seagulls are Vicious, Surprise!, How I Draw: Serif, Biological Data Transfer Cable, Miss 1910, Bunny Sacrifice, Conception, Mischief, How I Draw: Frankie, Sticky Boy, We are so Fucked, Contest!, The Game's Afoot, Cheaters!, Baby Tentaur, Selkie Dan's Hut o' Hair, Crabby, The Red Queen, Lady Charlotte's Return, Swimsuit Contest, Frankie's Wedding, The End, Lobsters, Pee Duels
Naked Elf Elves in Space

Life with Pixies, Amelio's Comic, Thomas's Comic, Lizard Pie, Anna's Comic, Penis Burns, Happy Penis, Elves in Space!, Twim's Spaceship, Fly me to the Moon, Panic, A Rainy Interlude, Alone at Last, A Temporary Distraction, Martians!, Babble Fish, Takin' Care of Business, Feathered Asshole, The Mesa, Sex Talk, Toilet Trouble, The Mural of Progress, Translation Difficulties, An Unfortunate Turn of Events, Farewell, I Love You, Space Porn, *crack*, A Minor Problem, Pronunciation Woes, To the Border we Go, Lies, Lies and more Lies, The Pets, Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig, Vertical Variation, Open Source Boob Project
Naked Elf Beach Party

Vespa, Just for Kicks, Go-Go-A-Go-Go, Budgeting, Ze Gnomish Carpet, Trickery Revealed, Serif the Librarian, What Serif Saw, MYOB, The Beach, Bishie, The Rescue, Growing Up, College, Another Rescue?, Le Gasp, So I'm Kind of a Prince, 50% Feces, 50% Semen, Graduation, Unwanted, Happily Ever After, The Bouncer, The Argument Continues, Efficacity, Enter our Host, Albrecht, Awkward Conversation, Die Die Die, "Logic", Thessaly Bathing, Ohm, Go Peer Pressure!, Are you Sure you Love me?, Baby Names Nightmare
Naked Elf Appointment with the Ob-Gyn

Pixies, Misnomer , Super Pee Powers, Doctor Stork, Surprise!, Proud Papa
Naked Elf Frankie's Mission

Spooks, At Work with Francis, The Mission, Riding Coach, Backup, Best Secret Mission Ever!, Step One: Find Plans, Evil Camels, Classified, Useful Facts!, "Men", Francis Takes Action, Wanton Violence, Later that Evening..., Company, Stupid Stupid Terrorist Creatures , Continuing Doubts, Exunt Most, As Darkness Falls..., Charlotte Finally Musters her Courage, Smoochies, An Unpleasant Realization, Back to Ruwayd, Death March, Broken Proises, BAM, The Aftermath, Comfort, The Wake, Bloody Camels, Gratuitous Shower Scene, Surprise!, Shapeshifter Penis, Making Out, Pillow Talk, Confession
Naked Elf Las Estrellas

An Andean Adventure, Las Estrellas Luminosas, Things Get Worse, Poor Peasants, Infiltration, Assassination, Parting Words, Traitor, Goodbye, Frankie Cleans House, Revolution, Decisions
Naked Elf The Big Party

Emergency!, Sylphi's Closet, Dressup Montage, Yes, Twim., Goin' to the Party, The Party, Frankie's Entrance, Red Serif, Sneaking In, Chocolate Fountain, Fun like a Root Canal!, Trouble by the Fountain, I Think I'm in Labor, Fail, Smoochies, Labor, No More Time, Ever.
Naked Elf Epilogue

The Toaster Incident, The Pixie War, Moving, Moving, pt. 2, Graduation, The Feds, Twim's Machine, Unusued Characters, Sylphi's Wings, Serif, Serif, Continued, The First Serif?, Pixies, Serif's First CD: Musical Abortion, Serif's Second CD: Boys Suck (Music for Angry Lesbians), Serif's Third CD: Cunt, Serif's Fourth CD: Anarchy, Serif's Fifth CD: 4 and 20 Blackbirds, Serif's Sixth CD: Dropout, Frankie and Charlotte, The Original Frankie?, Be Vewy Quiet. We're Hunting Dwagons, All Gothed Up, Meeting the Parents, Goodbye, Frankie's Family, Thanksgiving, The French Revolution and the War of 1812, May Day, Frankie: the 1800s, Art Imitates Life, Frankie, 1898-1918, Pixie Arts, Frankie: the 1900s, Hope, Twim and Sylphi's Wedding, She's Getting Crumbs in his Hair, Twim with Cookie, Snowday, Sylphi's Wing Tattoo, Squirrel, OMG, Vagina, Twim Pinup, , , , , , , ,

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