Cameos in the Comic

Penny Arcade comic
Tycho Tycho (of Penny Arcade fame) gets attacked by a rabid-Sylphi-fangirl when he and Gabe come to visit the Magical Institute of Technology. Then Gabe drops a parachute on him. Gabe's face is never seen in the comic, which is why I don't have an icon for him. They were the first cameos in the comic, and do actually know that they're in here (or at least they did at one point.)
Jennie Breeden Jennie Breeden (author and star of The Devil's Panties,) meets part of the gang while visiting Massachusetts. She's probably forgotten about her cameo.
Marilyn Manson Somehow Sylphi and Twim manage to go to a Marilyn Manson concert together, despite those having ceased to exist long before they met, not to mention being way too fucking expensive for Sylphi's budget. Oh, well. It's a fantasy world. And no, MM does not know that a chibi elf version of him exists in the comic.
Rogue of the Cruxshadows Rogue of the Cruxshadows--another music cameo, and another artist whom I haven't actually spoken to in person to inform him of his presence in the comic. However, Rogue at least makes more sense in this context than MM.
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