Twim's Family

blue haired elf Of course, there's Twim himself. After his childhood in Kansas, he moved East for college and is now pursuing a PhD in Magical Astrophysics. His parents wish he'd stayed closer to home and majored in something a little 'purer'.
elf with hat Twim's Mom, Olivia, lives with her extended family on a farm in Kansas, follows the teachings of Leibniz, and is the true head of the family.
red haired elf Twim's Dad, Burt, doesn't do much around the house-he generally prefers to let his wife run the family, and sticks to running the business side of the farm. He's quiet, like Twim, and doesn't much approve of these new-fangled Newtonian suporters.
farmer elf Twim's older brother, Cletus is the 'good son,' who started a family, has a farm next door to their parents, and is working on a PhD in math at the local branch of the state U.
red haired elf Anabell is Twim's favorite little sister. She married her second-cousin Steve when she was 15, gave birth to twins when she was 16, and now is almost 18 and expecting her third child. She and Twim's mom want to know when he's going to get on the baby-making.
elf family Twim's Other Sister was born shortly before he left for college, so he doesn't know her that well, but she's standing on the left there next to his mom and dad.
elf and elemental Twim's Aunt and Uncle--Twim's mother's sister, aka Aunt Beatrice, and her husband, Twim's uncle. They're also Serif's parents.
orange haired sprite Serif, Twim's cousin, who ran away from home and now lives with him in Boston.
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