Minor Characters

pixie Space Pixie appears often in the comic, but doesn't tend to play an active role. He and Serif had a whirlwind internet romance, which unfortunately ended when they discovered that she's about 100X bigger than him. However, they are still on good terms.
water element, dwarf, and demon Sylphi's Friends (of whom only Grez the dwarf is actually named in the comic,) attend The University up the road. I originally intended them to appear more often, but that hasn't happened so far. They'll probably show up again eventually.
tree The Tree: Life is tough when you're a tree. You don't even get many comics.
cat girl Kitten and her Boy are Twim's friends at Manray, a local goth club. Kitten is a cat girl. They're often there, I just forget to draw them.
jock The Jock, arch-nemesis of goths everywhere. For some reason, all of the jocks in this comic wear specially designed baseball caps because of their alien antennae. I don't know why they're all aliens.
centaur Goth Centaur has actually been in more than one comic! He is also that guy who manages to make the toilet disgusting right before you get to it. But he's a nice guy, so don't hold it against him. He just can't handle his liquor.
fangirls Fangirls (and boys) are only a threat if you're Frankie. Or they manage to knock Frankie on top of you. They are approximately the size of pixies and magically appear when someone 'popular' is around--the more popular the person, the more fangirls. Attention from bigger people will tend to dissipate the fangirls.
selkie Andre is Sylphi's ex, a selkie. He will eventually actually appear in the comic.
centaur Twim's neighbor is also a centaur, though he thankfully doesn't destroy the bathroom. He finds living next door to Twim and Sylphi... interesting.
lizard Lily (Twim's pet), is supposedly a chameleon, but I never actually draw her to look like a chameleon. I should work on that.
frogs Bill and Ted, Twim's pet frogs. He'll probably get more someday.
water god A local water godwho lives under the Charles River. He likes potatoes, which students give him in return for not killing them should they accidentally fall into the water.
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