Recommended Comics

Comics I like which you might not have heard of! (Yes, I read big-name comics, but I hardly need to tell you about them.)

Toy Division is easily one of the best and most original looking comics I've seen. Short on plot, long on funny, and full of fetishy goodness--basically, if you like my comic, you'll probably love Toy Division. Unless you totally suck or something. :P

Do you like video games? Do you like comics? Then chances are you'll like The Last Days of Foxhound. Of course, the strip is even better if you particularly like the Metal Gear Solid games it's based on, but I'm confident that even readers who don't know the games can get a kick out of Chris's excellent wit.

Data Chasers is a CGI science fiction epic following a lovely cast of disaster-prone humans, androids, and the occasional troll. There is even the occasional nudity, though the strip has currently dived into horror.

Literally translated, "The Pretties" or perhaps "The Pretty Ones," the aptly named Las Lindas is a farm owned by Mora Linda, a very well-endowed cow woman. She begins collecting the rest of the cast in an attempt to find enough help to keep the farm running, and after a while her schemes start to pay off, though not always as she'd originally intended.

Girly follows the adventures of a Leader and her Sidekick. Together they have Wacky Adventures and fall in love. It's sweet and adorable. Used to update more, but the new 'better' art (I liked the old art fine!) takes the author longer to create.

One of my favorite comics, Ugly Hill follows the lives of several monsters living in the town of Ugly Hill.

A sneak favorite. There's a lot about Pirate Cove which reminds me of Sluggy Freelance, except for the part where they're completely different. Joe is just an average joe trying to survive in a world where wacky things keep happening to him. You know, mad pirates, kidnappings, inter-dimensional portals, friends becoming Death, etc.

Sometimes I don't think Negative One realizes it's a webcomic, but it's still excellent. As far as stories go, I'd say it's one of the best I've read, period. What would you do if your baby could fly? If you knew that one day you'd leave your home, family, and memories behind? If you woke up in a strange land where no one spoke your language?

A Girl and her Fed is the story of a girl, a federal agent assigned to spy on her, a talking koala, and the ghost of Ben Franklin. Someone is plotting something, and our unlikely heroes must stop whoever it is from doing whatever it is they're up to.

The sheer amount of comic in Charby the Vampirate is impressive--the author is certainly dedicated, and after a shaky beginning, the art gets quite excellent--but the update frequency definitely leaves something to be desired. Charby is, as advertised, a pirate turned vampire, but he doesn't really do much pirating, and most of the comic focuses on the rest of the cast, which is huge.

On the Rocks is the tale of a polar bear lost in Antarctica and his best friend, a penguin.

A new comic, Monty and Wooley only updates once a week (not enough!) but is still adorable. It follows the adventures of a brontosaurus and a wooly mammoth brought together against all logic.

Digger is a poor wombat who accidentally gets lost while digging a simple tunnel and ends up in all kinds of trouble/adventure. The rest of the cast includes talking statues, possible demons, vampiric squash (okay, they aren't really characters), hyena warriors, etc. The art is excellent and so is the story. Unfortunately, only Graphic Smash subscribers can read the archives :(

Another CGI comic, The Dreamland Chronicles is a fantasy story about a college student's adventures when he returns to Dreamland, which he hasn't visited since childhood.

If you think Kagerou is going to be a standard hero saves the princess story, you're quite mistaken. The 'hero' summoned to save the princess is a homicidal asshole spirit/alternative personality living inside the main character's head. Kano is possibly dreaming, possibly in another dimension, possibly just insane. Dazzling colors and great art help make this great comic, well, even greater.

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